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Register for Litter Pick

  • Text 765-327-8336 or fill out the Contact form with questions.

  • Review our Sales Agreement prior to submitting this Litter Pick Registration form, as you will need to return a signed copy prior to puppy pickup.

  • Please fill out this Litter Pick Registration form in its entirety. 

  • Be advised that we cannot guarantee Color, Pattern and/or Gender of future puppies.

  • Puppies will be offered on 1st paid reservation basis regardless of Color/Pattern/Gender.

  • Video conference will be set up for you to choose a puppy. 

  • Failure to pick at our set time means Buyer agrees to allow a Buyer below them on the list to pick ahead of them, which may result in a puppy not being available until the next litter. 

  • A non-refundable $250.00 Reservation Fee is required with submission of this form. The Reservation Fee WILL be refunded if the Breeder forfeits the sale. Please provide your method of payment below and you will be provided with contact details to send your payment, which must be made within 24 hours. Reservation Fee will be applied to the final purchase price of the puppy.  We do not place any person on our Reservation List without the non-refundable Reservation Fee.  All forms submitted without payment of Reservation Fee within 24 hours will be discarded.  

  • We allow a one-time Reservation Fee transfer to a future litter in the event that the Buyer chooses to forfeit their pick for the originally reserved litter. 

  • Please be advised that for Pinschers, we dock tails and remove dewclaws.  We DO NOT crop ears. We do not perform any procedures for American Pit Bull Terriers.

  • All Puppies are microchipped, current on shots and have been wormed.

  • Confirmed genetic clearances (clear status) for MPS VI, PLL, Cystinuria and DM (for Harlequin/Miniature Pinschers). Copy of full DNA profile may be provided upon request with purchase.

  • All Puppies will come with their puppy papers for registration.

  • Puppy will be sent to their new home with a RHMK bowl and a few days' worth of dry kibble (Solid Gold Puppy).

  • We do NOT ship. Buyer, at their own expense, can fly/drive to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport or hire a Flight Nanny or Ground Transporter of their own choosing, such as Pups on the Move ( or email 

  • All additional fees required, if any, for meeting Buyer/Transporter must be paid prior to release of puppy. Red Hot Mama Kennels will not accept or distribute monies from/to 3rd parties.


Advisory for Miniature/Harlequin Pinschers: there are DNA and Genetic Test Requirements for HPA Breeding. Our Contract does not allow the transferring of any of the dogs we've sold/bred to any other registry. 

Thank you for registering your pick. We'll contact you with further details.

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